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Have questions about the Unlimited Extreme Car Wash Club? Let us tell you how it works:

Yes it is the Real Deal.  Pay once for a whole months worth of washes.  Now you will be able to keep your car clean all the time with our "Unlimited Extreme Wash Club".  We know that you might be skeptical, but we want to lay it out for you in black and white.  So here it is:

1. Monthly Club Charge $29.00
2. We put an RFID sticker in your window that uniquely identifies your car for in our system
3. You can come wash whenever your car is dirty (no more than once a day)

Unlimited Extreme Car Wash Club FAQ
- What wash do I get?
   - You get our BEST exterior wash, the Extreme Kleen.  That's our $20 dollar wash with Rain X, Rims wiped by hand, Hand Dry and Finish, and Hand applied Tire Shine.
- Can I upgrade to get the interior done?
   - Sure only $7 per wash for interior and $15 for interior and hand buffed wax.
- Can I add a second car?
   - Sure and third and a fourth ect. for $24 per vehicle on the same credit card.
- Can I pay cash monthly?
   - No, sorry a credit card is required on autopayment for our monthly program. $29 a month for a one year commitment or $35 a month for a 3 month commitment. You can pay cash for an entire year though up front.